Plant trees - Grow O2 - Stop climate change



Trees shape the image of nature around the world. Each tree is unique in its growth and appearance. But these majestic plants have one thing in common. They produce oxygen, clean the air of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or sulfur dioxide and are therefore essential to counteract global warming. Trees are thus important and indispensable for the environment and for humans.

On average, a mature tree binds about 100 kg of fine dust per year. Thus, one hectare of forest can absorb up to 50 tons of fine dust per year. Per day, a mature tree evaporates about 200 to 300 liters of water, which cools our environment and humidifies the air. Per day, a tree can filter an average of 13 to 18 kg of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to about 5 to 6 tons per year. In addition, a single tree can produce between 10 and 13 kg of oxygen, equivalent to about 4 tons of oxygen per year, which is the amount of air breathed by 11 people per year.

By replanting deforested areas around the world, we - the people - have it in our power to reduce climate change. Let's plant trees together and actively do something about climate change.

Planting trees is easy, efficient and cheap. By planting new trees, together we can provide a safer future for the planet and for people. We Are One - for the sake of people and the planet. Only together we change the world!


European Forest of Justice - Stop Climate Change. Become active together

Behind the project "Europawald der Gerechtigkeit" stands the German - Italian Educational and Cultural Institute with the idea giver Giacomo Santalucia as a leading activist for the integration of people with migration background.

In 2009, this project started as a hospice forest. Many hospice children have participated in the plantings, many of whom have since passed away and whose parents now meet there to commemorate them. Parents of deceased children also planted a memorial tree to give them comfort.

Meanwhile, the tree population has grown by quite a bit. In the end, the Europawald should consist of 22,000 trees. Both private individuals and companies and organizations plant their tree in the Europawald.

For every good deed, a tree.

With each of the trees a message is conveyed. Everyone who plants a tree there has created a sub-project, for example, within the framework of integration.

So the "European Forest for Justice" stands in a very special way for the feeling and desire for more justice and for the cohesion of people around the world - for the understanding of peoples. At the same time, the constantly growing tree population makes its contribution to climate protection.

As a globally active non-profit organization, we would like to contribute to the European Forest of Justice by planting many trees - each tree should be representative of our projects and set an example for the fact that it is worthwhile to commit oneself to more justice in a regional as well as in a global context.


Reforestation in Malawi

At the site of Mkombezi village of Rumphi district in Malawi, a mixed forest is to be created on an area of up to 12 hectares in direct cooperation between Voice Aid, local authorities and the inhabitants of the village who own the land.

It is planned to plant different tree species. On the one hand, we thus want to meet the urgent task of oxygen cultivation. At the same time, the need for fodder for the animal husbandry of the village communities can be met - through falling leaves over the seasonal changes and the fruits of the trees.

The name of the unused area that can be reforested with our support is Kankhomi Forest.

This land was given to the villagers by the chiefs in Mkombezi under the traditional authority of Mwankhunikira. In direct consultation with the village chiefs Chimbwimutuwa, Yamutenje, Chiling'oma and Chankhauta, we are initially planning plantings on an area of 5 hectares.